Jenni Purdue

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Prior to the formation J & J Legislative, LLC with Jennifer Ross in 2011, Jenni worked with Paula Johnson Purdue, contractual lobbyist, since 2007.  In her work with Paula Johnson Purdue, she represented many clients in the non-profit, education (Pre-K-Higher Ed), environment, social justice, municipal, health and human services fields.  In this capacity, she has countless experiences following the legislative process from conception of a bill to getting the bill signed by the Governor, as well as working with JCAR and state agencies during the rules process.  In addition to her work with Paula Johnson Purdue, Jenni has also assisted other lobbying firms such as Government Affairs Specialists, Inc. with Alice Phillips and Loretta Durbin, as well as Larry Stuffle Consutling with Larry Stuffle. Starting in college, Jenni volunteered on many political campaigns - including State Wide, US Senate, Congressional, State Senate, State Representative, and Aldermanic races.  In 2009-2010 she was Campaign Manager for the successful campaign of Illinois State Senator Toi Hutchinson.