Jennifer Ross

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Prior to the formation of  J & J Legislative, LLC with Jenni Purdue, Jennifer was employed by the Illinois House of Representatives from 1999 to 2003 where she was the legislative analyst for Elementary and Secondary Education, Education Appropriations, Environment & Energy, Public Utilities, Electric Deregulation, and Telecommunication Rewrite Committees. She analyzed and worked with multiple lobbyists on legislation for the Republican Representatives to base their position on in regards to education, environmental and utility decisions.  This position gave her the opportunity to advise members in committee and floor debate, be the point person for the rewrite of the Telecommunication Act and the creation of the Illinois Resource Development and Energy Security Act, and analyze multiple Agency budgets within the annual Governor's budget. In 2003, Jennifer became a contractual lobbyist with J.D. Ross and Associates, Inc., a company that she owns with her husband. In addition to her work with J.D. Ross and Associates, Inc., Jennifer has also assisted other lobbying firms such as Government Affairs Specialists, Inc. with Alice Phillips and Loretta Durbin. Jennifer has represented clients with interests in Pre-K through Higher education, engineering, environment, renewable energy, telecommunications and human services.